Crown Chakra

The state of all knowing lies within the Crown Chakra. In the Hindu religion, it is where the potential for enlightenment exists in this chakra. It is here that Shiva awaits for Kundalini energy to rise from the Root Chakra and pass through each chakra till it reaches the Crown where Shakti is reunited with Shiva.

Also known as Sahasrara and located above the head. This chakra resonates with the colours Violet or Gold, has the Thought Element and strikes to the note B. The seventh final chakra is feeling grounding and in control of your emotions where you intuition runs wild with free will.

The Crown Chaka is activated by the colours Violet or Gold, this is something you can bring into your world through decor, clothes or even food such as golden kiwi fruit, butternut squash, elderberries, pomegranates, rutabagas, grapefruit, yellow figs, champagne watermelon, violet grapes, dried plums and their juices.

The Crystals associated with the Crown Chakra are: 

Lepidolite * Howlite * Amethyst * Satin Spar * Gold * Clear Quartz * Opal * Diamond * Alabaster * Sugilite * Herkimer Diamonds.

The Crown Chakra governs the body in these areas:

Brain * Head * Pituitary Gland * Nervous System * Disorders of the Endocrine System * Cerebral Cortex * Hair * Skull.

The Positive Characteristics of a Balanced Crown Chakra are: 

Hope * Conscious Unity of All Things * Oneness * Connection to a Higher Power * Trust in Life/Spirit * Faith * Wisdom * Peace * Life Force * Connection to Spirit * Genius * Claircognizant Intuition (Sense of Knowing) * Mystical Experiences * Inner Guidance * Awareness of the Bigger Picture * Spiritual Purpose * Open to Divine Energy * Access to Higher Self * Unification of Higher Self with Human Personality * Selfless Service * Perception Beyond Space and Time * Infinity * A Gateway to Other Dimensions * Enlightenment

The Negative Characteristics of an Unbalanced Crown Chakra are:

Psychological Disorders * Frustration * Living More on the Spiritual than Earthly Realm * Frequent Migraines * Confusion * Withdrawal from All Earthly Matters * Depression * Alienation * Lack of Faith * Senility.

The Crown Chakra Identifies with: 

* Inner Knowing
* The Spiritual Self

The Crown Chakras Basic Rights are:

* To Know
* The Right to Choose One's Spiritual Truth

The Crown Chakras Lesson to Learn is: 

* Attachment - Holding on Needlessly to Someone, Thing or Experience.

The Relationships with the Crown Chakra are:

* With the Divine
* With one's Spiritual Purpose
* With Oneness.