Third Eye & Throat Chakra Balancing Kit + gift

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Here at Little Gems we understand that sometimes life can throw us curve balls and it's easy to get out of sync within your chakra energy fields.

These curve balls leave us feeling unbalanced, unwell and unsure of ourselves, unable to speak your truth or think clearly. Sometimes you get a feeling something is just not right, this is your intuition, 'your gut feel' trying to let you know that things don't seem as they are.

Our Third Eye & Throat Chakra grid is purpose-built to help you listen to your intuition and speak your truth. Place this grid at your workstation or in your lounge room so the energies of the crystals can infuse your aura and bring you the balance you chakras need in order for you to speak the best you can, and feel when things are left off center.

Our bottle of mini kyanite and selenite blades is added into this pack as a gift for you to take with you in your purse or pocket for when you are away from the energies of your grid.

Each one of our kits includes spare crystals.

The deets:

6mm Plywood 24cm sacred geometry grid base
6cm wide amethyst cluster
6 x amethyst tumblies about half cm
6 x blue kyanite blades about 5cm
6 x clear quartz clips
2 x purple scented candles 4cm
1 free gift bottle of blue kyanite and selenite mini blades

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