Heart Chakra Crystal Grid Set - Spread The Love

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the #Spreadthelove Crop Circle Crystal Grid is all about just that! Spreading love into your sacred space, bedroom, lounge or actually anywhere you find you are arguing a lot with loved ones.

We all know that Rose Quartz is a bubble bath for the soul - calming and soothing emotions, releasing love and compassion... gently.

BUT! Did you know pyrite is the stone that will bring to your awareness the reason for arguing? He is a masculine energy, ruled by the sun and  will boost your self esteem and allow you to have the vitality that you need to ensure your house is one of harmony and peace. Paired with Rose Quartz, you have a formidable allie in your world to fight against negativity, ill thoughts, tangled love and hostility.

Sitting on a 25cm round board and surrounded by clear quartz pointers, you get a 4cm glass bottle filled with rose quartz goodness, 6 little pyrite clusters, 6 rose

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