What do we know about Moldavite?

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What do we know about Moldavite?  

Well..... let see,

  • It's only ever green in colour;
  • It's not a crystal rather a molten glass;
  • It's only found in Czech Republic - nowhere else;
  • Believed to be extra-terrestrial in nature;
  • Formed over 15 millions years ago.

Here comes the interesting part.... it's metaphyscial properties:

  • It supports your vision and gives you energy to bring to life your intentions, your wants.

  • Sometimes people feel a pulsating energy that warms their whole body (called the Moldavite Flush... don't you just love it?), or in my case tingling up and down my body and especially in my groin...(I wonder what that means 🤨).

  • Good ole Moldie wants to get to the source of whatever it is that is unbalancing you and give you wholeness again.

  • Moldavite works well with quartz, which of course adds quartz healing to the magic of the stone.

  • Here's my little Moldie, sharing the pendant with gorgeous Amethyst, I feel it's power as soon as I put it on... #nofilter here.                                   

  • Moldavite is a powerful protector against nasty, jealous driven hatred towards you 

  • Moldavite can either give you sweet lucid dreams, or keep you up all night wondering why the hell you ain't sleepin'.

  • Moldavite enhances all your gifts...intuition, telepathy and guidance... so if you hear a strange voice in your head... no you're not crazy, it's just Moldie helping you out.

  • Some people say Moldavite gives you the energy 👊 to be ready to work on new projects, and you will be more welcoming to the new people who will walk into your life, oh boy I'll need to give this little baby to a few people I know.

  • Moldavite will balance your hormones and your thoughts so you will always be vibrant and healthy. When everything in your life is balanced, and everything is working as it should, you will feel happy, satisfied, and complete, like a gorgeous ripe avocado... that hasn't been cut in half 😁

  • Moldavite will make sure that you feel right in your heart 💖 and in your mind 🧠 so that you will continue being a ray of ☀️ sunshine to other people around you... maybe we should gift Donald Trump a piece of this magical stone?

  • Moldavite will be your best friend and prepare you for the roller coaster of emotions that come with being in a relationship.

  • It's not a stone for everyone one, some can't even get near it without feeling hot and nauseous🤮. But if you are one that has no problems with it, then by all means seek out a reputable seller and go grab one of these little beauties, but just be sure its the real-deal! The one telltale sign to know if Moldavite is real is to check the air bubbles in its structure. These little bubbles will be elongated.... not rounded, if rounded then its a dud and keep right away from it! This one would be a pretend Moldavite.

  • Opps I nearly forgot.. it's known as the Holy Grail Stone because of its amazing ability of transformation. Taking you from drab to glam, feeding your aura with positive energy everywhere you go, and that's why I wear mine all the time.

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