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How to use a Ouija Board

Step 1: Don’t Play by Yourself.

Two people are ideal, the more people you have the more chaos it brings and confuses the universe. But you can have more if you like 😊


Step 2: Set the Mood

Dim the lights, use candles, burn sage, light incense and grab your protectioncrystals like black tourmaline, obsidian or amethyst – any stone that makes you feel safe.  Oh…..setting the mood means no phones, and NO not on silent either!  Also before I forget, try to get the kids to bed (if you can safely drop them off at Mars, that will work too….lol) and no TV or radio. Truly a séance should have your full attention to make sure its going to be awesome!


Step 3: Grab a Seat

The original instructions of the game said to place the board on the knees of the two participants, with their knees touching.  Oddly enough it said, "Lady and gentleman preferred." Boy...this is an old game 🙄

Really what matters is that everyone can see the board and keep their fingers on the planchette.  It’s probably best if you guys sat on either end of the board as sometimes the planchette can go a little too fast and if you’re watching it upside down you might not get the full intended message


Step 4: Be Patient

Sometimes the universe needs time to warm up. Don’t get angry, some answers can make the planchette go slow, some make it go fast… If it’s quicker to get Telstra to answer your call than it is to get an answer from your planchette, then it’s best to pack up your board and try again. It’s divine powers at play here, you can’t be demanding.


Step 5: Be Polite

    The old saying ‘you attract more bees with honey’ is quite fitting in this situation. You are communicating with a higher spirit, so being polite and courteous is a no brainer! Getting angry or violent because you don’t like the answers you’re getting, is a real mood killer.


Step 6: Small Steps

You’re not going to ask your spirit guide for the theory of evolution! Just start with small talk like:

  • Are you here?
  • What do you like to eat?
  • Are you male or female?
  • Do you like Salt and Vinegar chips?


Step 7: Be Careful What You Wish For

The last thing you want to do is stay up all night wondering how you or your 

 loved ones are going to die! If you don’t want to know an answer to a question, then don’t ask it. But if you do want to know something about your future, just remember this is only a game and not some sort of fortune telling Gypsy machine. Also, don’t ask stupid questions like “What did those girls at the shopping centre say about me? Or why is Donald Trump president” It will take forever to spell those answers out! Most Important is to NOT ask for PHYSICAL signs. That’s just asking for trouble. Finally, don’t believe everything the board tells you, it’s not rocket science. If it says you are going to get abducted by aliens, don’t go out and start screaming at the sky… people will think you’re weird.


Step 8: Playing the Game

Decide which one of you will ask all the questions.

    The game is all about simplicity and doing it this way keeps everything simple, kind of like in Monopoly – there is only one Banker. However, all of you should have a say in what questions are to be asked.


Step 9: Place Your Fingers on the Planchette. 

The planchette should be resting on the “G” spot – this is indicative of Good, to start with. Then all of you should gently put your index fingers on the planchette. Move the planchette in circles slowly to get the board to warm up and truly concentrate on what you want to ask. Your fingers should be firmly resting on it but not forceful, it you hold it down like you would a $100 note in the breeze, then it won’t move freely.


Step 10: Create an Opening Ritual. 

This could be anything – a small prayer, a “G’day Mate” or even with

  crystals scattered around you. It’ really important to have the speaker greet the spirits and ensure with them that only positive energy is welcome. As I said before, have your protective crystals handy. If you want to speak to someone who has passed over, have something of theirs nearby.


Step 11: Ask a Question

 Again, these should be relatively easy and then as you get used to it

you can ask start to ask more complex ones. But if your spirit indicates that they are bad, then stop playing immediately and start again later. If you are getting rude or disgusting responses, please don’t respond. There’s no point, 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Just say goodbye to the spirits and quit.


Step 12: Concentrate


No, it’s not like sitting an exam, but all of you need to be on the ball and clear your minds. You need to focus on the question asked and you really do need to sit seriously and respectfully. If there is that one person (there always is) who is carrying on like a larrikin then kick them out of the game and get them to clear the cobwebs in the patio!  Oh before I forget, you may want to designate someone to be the writer as sometimes answers can be long and when the planchette moves from letter to letter, you might forget where it started.


Step 13: Close the Board

        If the planchette starts going crazy and doing ‘figure eights’ or it’s counting down from Z to A or 9 to 0.. end the séance by moving the planchette to goodbye. FYI any of these 3 things happening means the spirit is trying to escape from the board. It is important to tell the spirits GOODBYE! Have the one asking questions say ‘OK, it’s time to finish this séance’ and then sweep the planchette over the ‘GOODBYE’ symbol on the board. If you enjoyed your game and the spirit was great, you can say ‘Goodbye!’ and wait for the planchette to move to ‘Goodbye’ in turn. So, before you pack up your board for the night give it a little TLC by rubbing it with a soft dry cloth. This helps keep it clean and dust free.

A big SHOUT OUT to WikiHow on providing most of this information 😊  (

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