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A New Beginning

Posted by Tim Healy on

In 1975 my parents and I moved to a new home. My mother was very excited about having a large, rather empty front garden with which to get creative. She planned a number of garden beds with a variety of flowers and shrubs that suited our sub-tropical climate. The highlight of the front yard was her rock garden, which featured of all things, a giant clam shell! She picked this up at a second hand store for $20 - quite a lot for the time. The rock garden, along with the whole garden flourished, and the giant clam drew the...

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New Pointers Shipment

Posted by Mira Healy on

I was very excited yesterday to receive my shipment of 100 natural pointers from India. These are a selection of beautiful tigers eye, rose quartz and amethyst pointers that I will be using in my crystal grid packs. Some photos are attached but honestly they don't do justice to the beauty of these pointers. Would love to get your feedback and see any photos of some of your recent purchases.  

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