#SyncingWithTheFullMoon a ritual for the New Year with the Full Moon

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It's a #fullmoon 🌚 tonight...well #nearly there. So since this full moon is the #wolf moon or #supermoon, I have a small manifestation ritual for you that I got from @thechalkboardmag 

Ohh a #coolfacts.... January 2018 is going to have 2 full moons! An exciting and rare #phenomenon and what a great opportunity to start the year off with an #energeticbang 💣

☻ charge your spirit (& stones) under the light of the full moon and set the tone for a vibrant, focused and prosperous year.

☻ to embrace the energy of the evening, do this ritue in a comfortable area outside, in the light of the moon. 

☻ try to use the same crystal for every full moon ritual you do for the rest of the uear.

☻ the suggested crystals to use are either a spectrolite stone (labradorite) or a quartz crystal sphere.

☻ spectrolite  is ideal because it is a stone that helps you accept and balance both light and dark energy as you work to realise your destiny. But a clear quartz sphere is equally valuable due to it amplifying abilities.  

1. Get your crystal, sage and fireproof container (oops I forgot the )

2. Take your supplies and go outside to where you will enjoy your ritual in comfort and privacy.

3. Light your sage, waft the smoke over your body. After you've purified your spirit in the smoke of sage, immerse your crystal.

4. Remove your  👠 and root your bare feet into the balancing energy of the earth. Remain active as you breath deep and pay attention to the strength in your core, your legs, your mind and your breath.

5. Raise your crystal up towards the moon and feel the energy of the moon course through you (if you feel self conscious do it some where private...I know sometimes I feel funny too, especially if there are joggers going by and they look at you strangely so much so they trip and fall..hmmm poetic justice maybe?)

6. After a while spent syncing  with the power of mother nature, state your intention to release the energy of the past, and begin anew with the fresh force of positivity illuminating your soul in this moment

7. Spend a little time moon bathing....(this is my favourite, boy do you feel it afterwards) and sit with your crystal in the silence of the moon.

8. Go back inside to total chaos with a calm unknown to you  


9. If you can do this every full moon for the rest of the year, and document each month the changes, you will see for yourself how magical and life changing crystals, intention setting and moon bathing really are.

10. From me to you 

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