Introduction to Sacred Spaces

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In order of cost and practicality, a sacred space can be as simple as a quiet nook or shelf, a dedicated area of a room, a whole room, or even a temple or cathedral! Most people can't afford the luxury of the last couple of these, and even if they could, whether they need it for their own use is questionable.

In its basic form, this space will be an area for you to escape to when you need an escape - be it some alone time, as a pressure valve when daily life or the kids are getting the better of you. Sometimes sitting and reflecting in a comfortable space for even 5 minutes can change your whole outlook!

So ultimately a sacred space is something that is yours - something that resonates with you. In this introductory article, we look at what is a Sacred Space and why it is so important to make it your very own.

Start Small

It is always a good idea to start small. Find a space that is yours and you feel connected to. Typically it is not a shared space, as it is your sanctuary or haven. It is not a thoroughfare shared with your partner, workmates or children. It is ultimately a place for your quiet reflection. Within the house, it may be as simple as your seat by the window where you warm yourself by the Winter Sun, or a corner of a room you feel drawn to because of its décor, or the reflection of light in the afternoon. While it is hard to describe it will be obvious to each of us because you will feel it in your heart. But above all, once you find it, the journey to make it a sacred space should be simple and slow.

Design Elements

To a large degree, just finding your sacred space goes a long way. You do not need to rush out to buy an altar, a life size statue of Lord Buddha, a 3 tonne Amethyst geode, or even an indoor water fountain. That will turn your Sacred Space into a showroom, which may be good for sales but not for your soul!

You should always aim to complement the environment with items that are appropriate and connected to you. Starting small, a simple incense burner, alongside of a few crystals you feel drawn to may suffice. Maybe a scented candle in front of a Lotus Flower wall decal is all that is needed. If this makes you feel comfortable, and through focussing your attention on them you feel relaxed, then the Sacred Space has done its job. It is always better to invest slowly otherwise you will probably end up making purchases for your Sacred Space that don't add anything.

In time, explore the options and add to your area slowly.

Out and About

For many of us in this busy world, work and travel can interrupt our regular routine. Even if you have a Sacred Space at home, a small version in the office is a great escape and focal point to break up your busy, stressful day. Unless you are lucky enough to have a spacious office, this will likely be a grounding crystal or two at your workstation, positioned in an uncluttered area.

When travelling, for pleasure or for work, there is nothing better that taking a couple of sacred items with you. Maybe a crystal grid, a few crystals or miniature statue of Lord Buddha. There are simple options available to the traveller to make an impromptu Sacred Space and also maintain a connection to the home through the objects brought with them. There are relatively inexpensive travel altars with all of the basics that are also useful for this purpose.


Hopefully this introduction has impressed upon you a couple of things. Firstly, while everyone's Sacred Space will be different, there is one thing in common - the space is yours. Secondly, while tempting to break the bank and convert your home into a Tibetan shrine, it is best to start small and grow your space over time. If nothing more following this advice may just help get you started.

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