How to Use and Place a Crystal Grid

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 What is a crystal grid?


In the words of the famous Hibiscus Moon:

A crystal grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligned stones charged by intention set in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective.

 What does all this mean? It means that your energy and thoughts are projected into these gorgeous crystals and laid out in such a way as to amply the vibrational frequencies into the universe and bring back to you the intentions you put out in the first instance.

 How does a crystal grid work?

 A crystal grids pattern is based on sacred geometry, the fundamental building blocks of our universe. When crystals are placed on this grid in a geometric fashion, the energies of these crystals emanate into the atmosphere of your space engulfing you and everything in it with their energy.

 Where do you place a crystal grid?

 Usually, your crystal grid will be placed in your sacred space or on your altar. However, you can place your grids where ever you can, in a location that you know won’t be putting the grid in danger of being knocked or moved by either inquisitive cats or clumsy kids 😊

 Depending on your belief system, for example, you may like to place your grid for encouraging loving relationships or bringing new love into your like according to Feng Shui and place her in the South West corner of your home. Or native American’s would place anything that has to do with prosperity or abundance in the South section of their home and adore it not only with the grid but also with the colour green.

What I am trying to tell you is, use your gut feel when you want to create and place a grid. It’s what resonates with you. I make mini-grids, small enough so we can place them on our desks at work. Mini #speakyourtruth grids are perfect for your workplace when you lack the courage to speak up.

 How do you activate your crystal grid?

 Activating your grid is the final step after placement. You can use either one of two things, an activator – usually a quartz pointer, or your index finger… yep, that’s right! Works just as good!

 What you do here is once your grid is set up, you use your activator (or finger) and point to the first crystal on the grid and just energetically link each crystal up, like you are joining the dots really. Make sure you don’t touch the crystals and be mindful of where you started as that’s the place where you finish!

 And whola,  your grid is complete and ready to stand proud in your space helping you manifest your desires.

 I would love to read your thoughts, please feel free to post a comment below if you do it differently or would like to teach us something 😊






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  • Hello Mira,
    After reading this blog entry I very grateful to you. I replaced my lovely grid in a now special place that has become my alter, and pray over it every night. Thanks for the guidance.

    Jill Mennell Penny on
  • Thank you so much for this blog it has helped heaps and I really look forward to getting my first crystal grid and putting the energies to use 😊😊

    Carlene on

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