Feeling My Age... or NOT

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Sometimes I forget that I’m an older mum in my school community. I’m not into fashion labels 🏷 or designer shoes 👠, these things have no real value in my life. Don't get me wrong, I do love the finer things, just not when it hurts our planet. Lucky for the likes of people like @Sadhguru who is wanting to fix the textile industry, look him up on YouTube, you will learn a bit.  If I can colour coordinate my wardrobe in the morning, then I'm on a winning streak Cause I'm happy.

I think I found my problem... A Gen X trying to fit in with a Gen Y population, at 46 I am finding the Millenials to be a little askew from reality, nurtured and pampered these are meant to be the most tech-savvy and career-oriented of us all, but all I keep thinking about is Kim Kardashian and all her shenanigans  and am so happy I never flowed the superficial, vacuous family, much the opposite for my Gen X cohorts.

Gracefully accepting I am a different species to my generational successors, I have come to rely on a particular crystal every time I have a momentary lapse of sanity and think I can still mingle with this group. My Vogul cut smoky,   she's a beauty and she puts me back on track, living my life for me and my family, not for the fashion, makeup and shoes. She takes away the negative thoughts that sometimes creep in and brings the sun back again.

To my fellow 40something sisterhood, how do you deal with aging gracefully? I'd love to know, maybe we can start a Facebook group to share our ideas.  


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  • I of the age where getting old is way behind me! Because I am “Old”! I have Three Grandsons all in there 20’s. 1 Granddaughter in her 20’s
    and 2 that are twins and will be 20 Next year.
    My grandsons have been telling me I’m OLD
    for years! 😂 so I don’t really think about it much anymore! I could and still can out work
    the younger generations! They are very much ahead of me when it comes to technology! But I don’t see a lot of just plain common sense anymore! The Kardashians certainly don’t show any either! If they really are the roll models for today’s youth and the generation above them…then God help us! The old saying “You can’t fix Stupid” is in full play! And honestly that Scares the living daylights out of me!

    Sandy on
  • I so hear you!
    I’m an old mum too and I love crystals, meditation, creating community and beauty therapy!
    I’ve seen so many fades and trends through my line of work and happy to see them go! I’m just happy to do my thing and share when asked… x

    Karalyn on

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