A New Beginning

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In 1975 my parents and I moved to a new home. My mother was very excited about having a large, rather empty front garden with which to get creative. She planned a number of garden beds with a variety of flowers and shrubs that suited our sub-tropical climate. The highlight of the front yard was her rock garden, which featured of all things, a giant clam shell! She picked this up at a second hand store for $20 - quite a lot for the time.

The rock garden, along with the whole garden flourished, and the giant clam drew the attention of many a visitor in the years that followed. 

While my mother passed away in 1980, the gardens grew and the clam sat proudly in our front yard for the next 20 years or so. When I finally left to move into my own home the clam came with me. It was one of the few possessions I had left of my mother’s and I knew it was one she was very fond of. That was about 20 years ago, and the clam and I have survived about 5 or 6 house moves since then. Up until today it has been an outside clam, well, at least for the 44 years it has been in my family!

So in honour of Mum, and her ever loyal giant clam (all 75 kilos of it), a special place has been allotted in our sacred space. While it’s a nice change of pace for the clam, it’s also an ever present reminder of my Mum, and the beauty and potential she saw in the world around her.

It now sits proudly in our sacred space room filled with 29 kilograms (67 pounds) of rose quartz, providing unconditional love, peace and comfort. In so many ways just like Mum.

Giant clam


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